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Valsavoire Classic (June 2002)

15th - 16th June 2002 Valsavoire Classic (Berzo Demo to Cevo, Italy)

This weekend saw the 2nd edition of the Valsavoire Classic which is a Hillclimb set on the sothern slopes of the Italian Alps. The very steep and curvacious public road runs for 8km from the village of Berzo Demo (440 metres above sea level) up to the village of Cevo (1100 metres above sea level). The event is open to any cars, modern or old, but most of the competitors were in classics from the 60's and 70's. The biggest attendance by a single marque was by the Abarths. They were there in many different guises from the superb Fiat 600 based examples to A112's, 131's, a Strada, 124, some Formula Italia single seaters and finally some of the hugely powerful 2 litre red beasts.

The Saturday was a "Parc Ferme" day where cars gradually arrived to be parked up and tinkered with. The temperate mountain weather and superb views made for a pleasent and relaxing spectator sport of car and people watching. Spotting the various modifications made to reach the top in the quickest possible time.

At 8:30 Sunday morning, the road was closed and there was a procession of all the cars down the hill to the start line. Soon after the first of them started making their way up. 8km is a long way on tight and twisty roads with seemimly flimsy barriers being the only protection from the sheer drops. From our spectating position near the finish line we could hear the roar of the engines from down the valley, the occasional tyre squeel and then they came into sight. Some of the drivers certainly didn't seem to have any fear; rally like sliding around the corners, engines sounding very impressive due to the reverberation off the rock face.

I would recomend this event to anyone who is even slightly interested in cars and power, even if you are not the setting is certainly enough to hold your attention. We are planning to return next year and maybe (maybe!) the year after with our own car to try the hill!

More information can be found on the official web site - Valsaviore Classic