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UK Cars

This is a list is cars known to exist in the UK - please let me know of anymore and I will add them...

  1. Series II Abarth 70hp. Owned by myself and Mark Devaney:
  2. Blue Series VI Abarth 70hp. Owned by Roman Szablowski.
  3. Series V (Red) seen at the Italian Car Day at Brooklands 1999.
  4. Series V seen at the Italian Car Day at Brooklands 1998.
  5. Brown A112 seen in Kent about 1996
  6. Series V (Red) Abarth and an Elegant. Owned by Michel Boileau from Weybridge
  7. Silver with Yellow stripe 70hp Abarth owned by Peter Champness
  8. Series V in metallic blue owned by A Heywood from the Midlands:
  9. 1977 series III owned by Mark Colman from Newcastle:
  10. 1980 5-speed Abarth with Cromodora alloys, Blydenstein tuned head, uprated fuel pump & filter owned by Lez Parker from S.E. London:
  11. A Red 1982 Series V (possibly the car seen in 1999 at Brooklands)
  12. A112 owned by Lino from Ilford Essex:
  13. A112 owned by Krzysztof Nowobilski from the London area.
  14. A Black 1984 Series VI (originally from Sweden) now owned by Mark Devaney
  15. Anthony Muoio from Harrow nr London. A 1972 A112:
    Anthony Muoio Anthony Muoio Anthony Muoio Anthony Muoio
  16. A112 elegant 1977 series 3 owned by Alex De Capua: