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Desio Meeting (May 2002)

The 1st Autobianchi Register meeting was held on Sunday 12th May 2002 at Desio Italy - the town where the Autobianchi factory was situated and all Autobianchis and therefore A112s were made. There were quite a few cars - about 80 in all - made up of 50% A112s and 50% Bianchinas with a Primula thrown in for good measure. The cars (and thus the people!) came from all over Italy and congrageted in the piazza outside the main church of Desio for the usual Benediction by the priest. Quite nice this tradition and it happens a lot over Italy - after Sunday mass, the priest comes out of the chuch and performs a ceramony with holy water to bless all of the cars! Once this was done and the cars were thus insured from not breaking down for a while (although I did see some jump leads in operation 10 mins later!) - the cars processed down the road a kilometer to a Villa. Outside the Villa main doors a ramp had been constructed and to the sound of a brass band the cars drove one by one up and over the ramp whilst a running commentry explained what model the car was, where they were from and when they didn't know, they just said 'bella' a lot! Next it was the turn of the Major to say a few words and then the prize giving. Prizes were given for just turning up - including a rather bewildered Greek guy who received a large silver cup for being the person who had travelled the furthest to be there! Anyway, a wonderful morning with plenty of A112s in excellent condition to look at - all models were there, a few with modifications. Good to see such interest in this car!